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Making use of the available resources!

I traveled by piki piki (motorcycle) about 98 kilometers from Gede forest station to an area called Mrima wa ndege. I was requested by the Kenya Wildlife Service warden to educate the local community on environmental conservation.

Mrima wa ndege location is a big area consisting of three sub-locations. The area is dominated by shrubs and a few trees some Brachystegia species which are scattered throughout the area. The population is sparse and hence the community faces problems during the dry seasons , their crops die due to lack of water and they have to travel long distances in search of water for their crops, animals and for drinking.

cut tree2.jpg

A cut tree.

The community is constantly faced with problems of elephant invading their land, some of these elephants move from Tsavo East national park to Arabuko-Sokoke forest passing through the human settlements and shrubs. The ecosystem is conducive for elephants who find their way to Arabuko-Sokoke forest.

ndovu trap1.jpg

one of the elephants trap

The high level of poverty in the community has led them to destroy their environment, they cut down trees for building, for poles and charcoal. They also hunt wild animals to earn an income and sustain their families. This location has been facing food shortages over the past few years and the government recently donated food aid in form of maize to some families.

While at Mrima wa ndege I was very fortunate to meet with the three assistant chiefs of the three sub location and also all the village elders. This was a good opportunity for me to speak to the chiefs and elders to share my views on their issues and educate them on how they can use their land to earn an income without destroying their environment. After a long and fruitful discussion, the leaders were receptive and welcoming to my suggestions and they farther went a head to propose having a community park as a way to earning income and the villagers will eventually realize the economic value of animals such as elephants and hence conserve them.

David Ngala

FoASF – Conservation Officer

FoASF participates in Eco-friendly products exhibition

FoASF participates in Eco-friendly products exhibition at the Gede Museum.

FoASF is among the various community groups that is taking part in the Eco-friendly products exhibition that has been organized by SHAPE Africa (a community based group) and the Gede national museum.

carol at FoASF stand2.jpg

Carol Lumosi – FoASF Manager at FoASF stand at the exhibition.

The exhibition is geared to help the community groups market their products to potential clients. Different community groups are taking part in this exhibition that kicked off on Monday 15th September 2008 at the Gede museum.

official opening of exhibition2.jpg

Official opening ceremony of the exhibition at Gede museum

The FoASF displays includes information on Arabuko-Sokoke forest and activities of FoASF. This display is used to educate the public about the importance of forest in particular Arabuko-Sokoke forest and how they can get involved in conserving it.

Many community groups are using different materials in creating their products, some of the material used is wood, which is a very common material in carvings. However in as much as wood is a preferred material it is important for the buyer to find out what type of wood was used to create the products. Some poach wood from the forest for making their curios which is discouraged. This exhibition will also be a good awareness tool about the products that are friendly to the environment and those that are not.

audience exhibiton2.jpg

The audienec at the opening ceremony.

The exhibition is also a great way for the various community groups to interact and network with each other.