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Day three of film training and close encounter with hippos at camp

Day three of the training went on smoothly, we continued to work on our five minute film and the film was getting in shape slowly, we kept on learning new skills and what we could do to improve the film and to get our target audience.

After lunch I received a call from a former classmate telling me that my former class will be coming to Naivasha for a briefing on the lake and also on our projects, before I put the phone down the bus drove in to the lake shore and I was summoned to accompany them and I was latter to give a briefing to them on my work and the filming project. it went well and my lecturer was impressed with our project. we later continued editing.

ku bus2.jpg

the bus by the shore of Lake Naivasha.

me lecturing2.jpg

me talking to them about the filming project.


back to editing.

Later on that night, as we burnt the midnight oil as we tried to edit, we had a close encounter with hippos three huge, massive hippos came to camp to graze, we all ran out of the editing room to try to get a close look at them, Elene our trainer had never seen hippos a part from the ones on TV, so it was quite exciting for her, some of us got too carried away that I think they did something to make them aggressive as one of us was charged by the hippos lucky it was a shy one so it just scared them and ran back to the lake, that was a pretty close encounter

Day two of Film training

Day two of film training

Day two of film training started rather on a frustrating note, we were to edit our previous films geared towards a different audience, the trick was locating our capture scratch, the raw material, most of the files were offline and we could not locate the source of the disk to reconnect them on line. It was a bit frustrating as we did not have enough time to work on our films yet we were taken quite a back, by the time we located our files we had almost lost a half day and we had to burn the midnight light to keep on track.

day two of training.jpg

during the training

busy at work.jpg

Busy at work

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