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Teaching scientists to tell stories.

Scientists always work on facts and figures, its either this or that, most of them are straightforward and to many people they are always termed as boring and don not entice anything. Well this past week a group of scientist, researchers and conservationist took part in a one week training held at Naivasha. The training was aimed to help them explore their creative and story telling side.


The workshop facilitators: Richard Brook, David Harper, Noah Lusaka and Mary Mwendwa

I was lucky to be among this interesting group of people and to learn first hand how to be more creative in presenting facts, be they scientific or others. This was part of the final stage of the Darwin initiative that seeks to engage young and vibrant conservationist in filming and story telling. The course was structured to help us gain more skills that will enable us tell good film stories and present our data or facts in a more appetizing way.

group discussion.jpg

A group discussion.

The training gathered participants from three different countries in Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya. The participants have been engaged in conservation work in there home countries and are learning to involve filming as a tool to pass the message across.


Listening to the presenters.

This training was a good eye opener for us at Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke as we intend to use filming as a marketing tool for the forest and to tell the story of what has been going on. We look forward to use this skill in the next year.


Workshop participants

Caroline Lumosi


Final day of Darwin Film editing course

Final day of Darwin film editing course.

What has a beginning has an end, the final day of the five day editing course finally came. It was hard to believe that within a short time we were able to edit 9 different film all targeted to various audience. The beginning looked almost impossible, however the impossible became possible. We produced 4 – 5minute films and 5 – 9 minute films all on various aspects of the environment, wetlands, waste, forests, rivers and fish.

We will be soon uploading the videos.

the crew.jpg

The whole editing crew.

Caroline Lumosi.

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