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Ornithological Congress

David received an invitation two weeks ago to atted an ornithological congress by the Pan African Ornithological Congress (POAC) which will be held at Arusha in Tanzania.The congress will be held on 14th to 21st of October.

PAOC is a regular congress which is held after every four years to talk about African Ornithology with the aim of promoting  conservation of African birds.

He has been requested to make a presentation of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and the bird monitoring programme he has been working on.

David in one of his Bird surveys

59 bird species identified …..seen any of these birds?

59 bird species identified …..seen any of these birds?

While I was at mrima wa ndege, I did some birding and identified 59 bird species. Mrima wa ndege is the name of a place in Swahili while means ‘the hill of birds” no wonder I got so many bird species. Here is a list of the bird species I identified in their common names:-

DN - Camping with warden 0882.jpg

a view from mrima wa ndege.

1. African Barred owl

2. African scops owl

3. Fiery necked night jar

4. Zanzibar Sombre greenbul

5. Black headed Oriole

6. Northern brownbal

7. Collared sunbird

8. Grey headed bushshrike

9. ring necked dove

10. Laughing dove

11. Black crowned tchagra

12. Striped kingfisher

13. Tropical bulbul

14. Common bulbul

15. Red tailed tinkerbird

16. Long-tailed fiscal

17. Crested francolin

18. Red eyed dove

19. Pale flycatcher

20. Emarol spotted wood dove

21. Namaqua dove

22. Blue eyed starling

23. Purple banaded sunbird

24. Northern white crowned shrike

25. White-browed coucal

26. Red-billed buffalo weaver

27. Fork-tailed drongo

28. Golden pipit

29. Northern crownec

30. Grey wren-wabler

31. Black headed batis

32. White winged chat

33. Blue naped mousebird

34. Brown headed parrot

35. Rufous chatterer

36. Speckled mousebird

37. Grey hornbill

38. Mouse coloured sunbird

39. African bare-eyed thrush

40. Common scimitarbill

41. Grey-backed camaroptera

42. Sulphur breasted bush shrike

43. Spotted morning thrush

44. White bellied go-away-bird

45. Chestnut weaver

46. Black collared barbet

47. European golden oriole

48. Lilac breasted roller

49. Little bee eater

50. Greater honey guide

51. Amethyst sunbird

52. Green wood hoopoe

53. Palm swift

54. Pied wagtail

55. Burn swallow

56. Von der Decken’s hornbill

57. African harrier-hawk

58. Black backed puffback

59. Redchicked donblue

DN at camp site.jpg

David Ngala

FoASF – Conservation Officer

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