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Ever seen a 10 M wide tree?.. look no farther than Arabuko-Sokoke forest…

Ever seen a 10M wide tree?… well look no farther than at Arabuko-Sokoke forest

10M wide tree.jpg

Me trying to get around the tree, obviously i could’nt

This baobab tree could be the widest tree I have ever seen, I could not even get around it halfway!,

The baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) was really amazing, it stood at an approximate height of 14 meters and was 10 meters wide. We found it along Ngaranya area in Arabuko-Sokoke forest, beside it was an active trail that is believed to be used by poachers,

The baobab tree is a special tree in the coast region, it is believed to be a sacred tree and most Giriama people are known to used it as a scared grove and make sacrifices to gods at the foot of the tree, if you are short of rain, just slaughter a white chicken and pray at the foot of the tree and wala! … rain you will get……. (so they believe)

10 m wide tree height3.jpg

A grasshoppers view point of the height of the tree.

The trunk of the baobab tree can store water, and in dry seasons elephants like this tree as they can get some water from it. The wood is mostly used for making canoes and the bark fibers makes ropes and baskets. The leaves and fruit pulp on the other hand are used as medicine against fever and the seeds and leaves are edible.

It amazing what creatures you can get in the forest!

David Ngala

FoASF Conservation Officer