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Watch out for the safari ants!!!

Safari ants I guess got their name because they love to move, they are ever on transit, from one place to another.

I recently saw a massive exodus of some safari ants in the forest and needless to say they were not happy to see me either, I got bitten more than once when I accidently stepped on a group of them,


Safari ants – in organized groups.

These creatures are amazing, the way they move, the long lines and paths they take and how they guard each other as they move, its as if they are at war, anyone who messes them up gets a warning – they bite them or is it sting them?- . The soldier ants guard the others and create a protective barrier for the others as they invade on other ants and insects and steal their food and resources.


More safari ants…….


The sting or bite from them can leave you scatching and some times with bruses. They are so painful, that if you get attacked by them in the forest and they get into your inner garments…. Them you are in trouble, you may have to undress to try to remove them from your body as they somehow stick to the body ( i went through this and it was not intersting!)

Anyone with more information on the safariants, kindly feel free to share it,