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Moving to Arabuko

Hi sorry we have not been online for a while, we were having network issues, kindly bear with us.

Hi this is Carol,

The long awaited journey has finally come, I will be moving to Arabuko this coming weekend and I hope to be meeting up with the rest of our team that is David and Mary. I have been in Nairobi following up on a few details for FoASF – Friends of Arabuko Sokoke and I got the chance to meet up with part of the team at Wildlife direct who have been a big help in helping us restructure our blog.

path in ASF3.jpg

A path in Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

As I take up this position at Arabuko, am anxious to meet David Ngala and it will be an honour to work with him after having heard so much about him. FoASF needs some revamping in its activities and this will be one of my duties, to reactivate the activities at FoASF and to guide and help David in his field research work.

tree house at asf2.jpg

A tree platform at Arabuko Sokoke Forest

While in Nairobi I also got a chance to speak to Friends of Nairobi Arboretum (FONA) and Friends of City Park (FoCP) who were quite encouraging and gave us tips of how to turn around FoASF into an active organization.

I also got chance to meet with Colin Jackson a while back and he was able to brief me on FoASF and what FoASF has done so far, in as much as I will be technically running the show on my own with the help of my team and the A Rocha team at Mwamba.

I hope the net at Watamu or rather Gede will be fairly ok, so that I may be updating you how far we have come in our efforts as FoASF.

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to hearing from you guys as well,