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Thank you for your help in the forest (more photos)

This is to say thank you very much to all who made the work in the forest possible. We especially want to thank Nature Kenya and all the Nature Kenya members who participated, Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke members, Kenya wildlife service for their support, Watamu turtle watch, A Rocha Kenya and the Arabuko-Sokoke forest guide association. With all your combined effort we were able to achieve a great task of clearing up to 3 Km of nature trail at the Elephant track, it could not have been possible without you. Thank you so much for the time and effort you all put in this.

Long live Arabuko-Sokoke Forest!

Here are some photos to sum it all up!

what a bird!.jpg entrance to the forest.jpg Bird watching in the forest.jpg

During bird watching.

and down went the tree.jpg help help.jpg rough trail.jpg

At the forest.

am exhausted!.jpg look at me jump.jpg having lunch.jpg

Having fun

having cocnut juice.jpg migrant bird watch2.jpg fun at mida.jpg

At mida creek

the excited team at the platform.jpg up the platform.jpg and they sat.jpg

At the tree platform

long walk to the beach.jpg up the b.walk.jpg riding at the back of the truck.jpg

More fun!

saying goodbye.jpg bye.jpg we are here to work2.jpg

saying goodbye…..


FoASF Manager

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